Last Thursday, around 8pm, some of the most beautiful French stars were gathered at the Grand Musée du Parfum in the 18th neighborhood, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Angel, Thierry Mugler’s iconic perfume.

Among those French beauties, a young lady shined more than the others. Was it because of her gorgeous smile, her natural elegance or her 5’10” body, emphasized by the blue and golden embroidered scarf ?

It doesn’t matter. When you meet this Guianese star, you “obviously” know why on the night of December 17, 2016 – a night during which I had organized my traditional Christmas dinner at the bistro l’Affiche- the jury and the French elected Alicia Aylies as Miss France 2017.

The meeting

I offered her a glass of champagne to toast this event. She told me that she had already drunk her “small glass before”. That’s cool, she is reasonable (unlike me, who think about opening with a couple of friends a webzine such as

Small talking points came out naturally, between two, three photos. We talked about Mugler’s perfume Angel, which she knows well, “but who doesn’t know?”. Then came the topic of the festive season. “Yes, they flew my family to Paris, and we spent the holidays together”. Considering her busy schedule, I assume it was the easiest way, in terms of organization. And speaking of schedule, she admitted being on the spot since 8am (and with stiletto!). I stared at her, saying that she has a gorgeous look for someone who hasn’t rested all day long. She smiled, sketching a thank you. But what on Earth is the beauty secret of all Misses? (I have to investigate, stay tuned…).

Miss France means prestige and beauty. I can imagine that wearing the crown is not obvious and simple. Think about it, winning the Miss contest changes your life forever. Everybody knows who you are overnight. I asked her if she had received lots of text messages and phone calls after her win and if she had to change her phone number. “I have two phones, a personal one and a professional one”. A few seconds later, like a Destiny’s joke, she opened her Lacoste purse, from the Jean-Paul Goude capsule collection, to check one of her vibrating phones. Someone was trying to reach her. I told her to answer because it may be important. “I’ll call him back later, don’t worry”.

I am touched by this mix of kindness and maturity. At just 18 years, this beautiful mestizo looks like a queen. Celebrity can quickly go to your head and make you lose every sense of reality. I asked her if she is not afraid of the possible setbacks. She answered “not really, I believe that you have to be well surrounded.”, looking at the same time at her benefactresses, Sylvie Tellier and Iris Millernaeve, standing a few meters away from us; “I also have my mom behind me, she never hesitates to remind me of the most important things. It’s very important”. What I heard pleases me, because I recognize this value from Islanders, so important for me, which can be summed up like this: you don’t mess up with family.

Our interview finally came to an end (our Miss has still so much to do) and she needs to rest. Tomorrow is another day. As a gentleman, it’s with a reverence that I left her, wishing her a great reign. I’ll be committed to follow Alicia Aylies’s journey. She’s such a marvelous and friendly person, a true sunshine. We desperately need that, especially now. Maybe during another event, we will meet again, and this time, I’ll start my interview with “I know your beauty secret”.

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