Let’s say that I’m a magical elf from Madagascar. Or rather a fairy – yeah it’s more stylish with her wings and her wand. So I have a magical power, not a small one I should say: to make your dreams come true. You have to admit that this power would be great, wouldn’t it? Just to finish this year on an exceptional note.

Well, I’m not going to lie to you: I didn’t pass my magical Bachelor’s degree in dreams that would allow me to send you to Sainte-Marie, one of the most gorgeous places to spend the New Year’s Eve celebrations. But don’t worry, it’s on the way. As we say “Nothing is impossible for a willing heart” – as I read my text again, I believe that I watched too many Disney movies… As you continue to wait for my diploma from Fairytopia, you can also go a step ahead and stop by L’Atelier des rêves (the Dream workshop).

It’s a nice contest full of optimism and solidarity. To take part in the competition, just go to the website and place your dream under one of the 3 categories: Passion, Supportive and Professional. Then vote; everybody can vote for the dreams they share and touch them. It’s a very important part of the contest, because 100 votes are required in order to be eligible for the contest. And what’s even more beautiful, it’s that 1 vote equals 1€ for the association Télémaque.

You have until 12th December to vote. After that, the jury will look at each dream and select 3 winners – 1 per category – to achieve their dream and win 20 000 €.

So go now, share your dream on their website and to all of your friends and family in order to get a lot of votes. And if you win – I truly hope for that – don’t forget to send me a message on Instagram 🙂 . I will probably be working on my fairy bar exam.

Good luck everyone!! #ATELIERDESREVES

Contributor photos: Thibaut Octave – Hat & Coat Minime Paris – Sunglasses Isotoner – Sweater Defursac – Trousers H&M – Sneakers Moon Boot – Accessories: Vangou & BVLGARI 

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