If I hadn’t gone a week ago to this wonderful dinner organized by The Glenlivet, I would have begun this article by saying “I don’t like whisky, with or without ice cubes”. 

Because for me, whisky has a taste so strong for me and I prefer the lightness of cocktails and the subtlety of wine and champagne. I also used to ask myself – during family reunions – why my dad and my uncles could like it ?

By the end, I convinced myself that this brandy was created just for “too serious” universes such as businessmen #MyDad. And maybe one day, I will perhaps be a #Fashion businessman and assessor of whisky…
Anyway, that night on the “Rue Bleue”. In a nice apartment of the 19th neighborhood of Paris, I had an appointment with surprise.
Greeted by the pretty Laura, brand ambassador, she explained to me while serving me a welcoming cocktail that this night would be full of discoveries. An exploration of flavours under the form of a bottle of black lacquering and named Cipher. No age statement, no tasting note: this is the newest creation of The Glenvilet, a single malt whisky that sounds like a mystery coming from Scotland.
I noticed on a long table a variety of labelled jars, with fruits, caramel, ginger-flavored chocolate, or vanilla… As I saw the hashtag #InsideTheBottle, I understood that we were invited to play with our senses. It’s time for tasting.
An Australian chef prepared a beautiful selection of appertizers and courses pairing with whisky. I started with a glass of single malt. I observed, I smelled, I tasted. It’s not that strong, on the contrary it had a sweet taste. Laura suggested to add “a little bit of water” to release the aromas. I accepted, I re-tasted, I rediscovered.
A few drinks later, I got the subtlety of aromas, the significance of sight, smell and taste in this art of tasting. Everything is closely tied, like an invisible rope mixing scents with almost forgotten childhood memories.
I remembered family parties and my fathers vigourously discussing with a glass of pure malt in their hands. Next time, I will join them and show them my newest knowledge of whisky. And the best of all? I learned to create great cocktails with The Glenvilet. Thanks Laura!
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