Without any sense of criticism, this title could have been used for Karine Le Marchand’s new TV show “Une Ambition Intime” (A Personal Goal). I have had the pleasure of meeting her last Thursday, during a cocktail at M6 headquarters; an opportunity to talk and watch excerpts of this new show about politics, but in another way.

If you have watched the trailer or listened to it at Europe 1 radio station last July, you would understand that A Personal Goal brings back to the spirit of the French version of “Farmer Wants a Wife”. Karine has the same empathy for her political guests as for her farmers. That’s cool.

Each guest gets in a set that matches his/her personality. Karine explains to me that for Nicolas Sarkozy, the set is in a Haussmanian apartment, while François Bayrou is interviewed in a big country house, and for Marine Le Pen: a terrace under a tent. I understand that each interview is very personalized with personal pictures form the guest. Add big candles from Ikea and brewages like orange juice or other alcohols, and you will get the perfect set for conversations between friends.

On the screen, conversations follow naturally (as if we were present), but who would be a more perfect anchor for that kind of show than Karine? There are laughs between two anecdotes, questions not about politics, testimonies from loved ones and sometimes, our eyes become blurry because the subject of the discussion is sensitive and touches us.

In other words, the way the show is conducted is different as we feel we better know the person. As Karine says, “it’s a girl’s show”, that every man should watch.

So, whether you are sceptical or not, I advise you to make your own opinion and watch the first episode of “Une Ambition Intime”, tonight at 9pm on M6.