There had been poetry during Heaven Gaia’s fashion show last wednesday. A poetry about Eastern aestethic in the middle of a French splendour, since the designer Xiong Ying used for her show the prestigious room “Le grand foyer” of the Opera Garnier.

More than 53 silhouettes parade under three core themes.

The first theme: Nirvana and the beauty of meditation. The first two models wear pieces made with real parts of unstructured and restructured porcelain. They remind us of ancient Chinese warriors’ armours. In this first set, we love the indian ink blue that reveals the white fabric, the romantic side of fushia and the power of red.

Then blows the wind of impartiality which brings the beauty of balance. This part of the collection is inspired by the imperial palaces and dynasties. The silhouettes are strong with wtraight and conventional cuts. White and black predominate with golden parts and embroideries to represent dragons or two cranes flying to the sky as symbols of imperialism and longevity.

As for us to remember that life is an eternal restarting, the last theme refers to the magnitude of nature and its endless beauty.

On the catwalk, the models parade in outfits with more modern cuts, perhaps a little bit excentric, and different shades of purple. On almost every silhouette, we can find natural elements such as the Himalaya mountains, lines that look like rice fields, and also trees and flowers from royal gardens.

But among all those Chinese symbols, the butterfly is what strikes me the most. It was everywhere: on the clothes, the accessories and up to the hair, ready to fly away and spread love across Europe. A perspective like taoism.

But after all, what would be Chinese poetry without its legendary wisdom ?

Pictures made with Huawei P9 

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