Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a flight on first class with Emirates Airlines? If you haven’t, you just missed the point and/or you are living on another planet where trips are done on the back of Léonoptéryx

It is however not too late to act like Jennifer Aniston (aka Rachel Green), who is flying with the best airline in the world again.
The Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner gets to play herself in this new commercial, directed by Bryan Buckley.
As she got out of her shower-spa, she met a young boy playing in her luxury suite. His name is Cooper (But Jen can call him Coop). He wants to be a pilot, but only on A380, and knows that eating carrots is good for eyesight.
And so  begins a beautiful adventure, where our blonde is doing pretty good as baby-sitter. Funny, sexy yet bright, Jennifer stays true to herself. She still seduces with her “BFF” style.
Which is true when she joined Cooper’s parents: she decided to stay with her new friend in economy class, kindly giving her seat to the mother who, for once, was ecstatic…
But that’s the Emirates Airlines spirit, the extra in the ordinary.

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