What in the world do the French enjoy the most on vacation? That’s the kind of “existential” question that pops in my head while lying on a sun chair on Quiberon beach, in Brittany.

The truth is, French people know how to enjoy their summer break. The majority (56%) believe that “there is no rule” on vacation, when they can live for today, to their heart’s desire and without a plan. Those are the results of a poll from Ifop published in 2014, with the help of the weekly magazine Femme Actuelle.

On the practical side, 54% of our dear ‘froggies’ said they make love more often in summer and 55% prefer doing it in more unusual places (time for Truth or Dare). I would say “that’s normal” or “who wouldn’t?” It’s relaxation mode; time for evasion and daydreaming. Energy loss is behind us. The only things that matter are ingredients such as a blue sky, temperature over 80°F with a soft breeze and, if possible, a water supply to cool off in.

Add to those natural elements a glass of Spritz by Aperol, your best friends and/or your family, good grills on a ‘plancha’ and perhaps a strange new cocktail that I call “pure happiness”.

I know that for some you, summer vacation is just a memory now, and that this very scary moment for my nephews has arrived: going back to school. I hope that everybody fully enjoyed your holidays.

As of me, I have only a few days left. After Brittany, it’s time for Southwest of France, where I enjoy Arcachon Bay and its surroundings for the first time. I will lay down under the sun, open my book and finish chapter 8 of “The Paper Girl” by Musso. Eat mussels and chips at lunch and go back to the beach for a nap. And who knows, maybe a new existential question will pop up.

See ya!

Tefy Léo

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