I had met it now 4 years ago (or so), thanks to my friend Raphael, a fan of cocktails and design, who is working as a designer for a French car manufacturer. He showed it to me one winter night while I was celebrating my birthday. Since then, Spicebomb is part of my small collection of favorite perfumes.

As usual,

The content is as important as the container. Because for me, the quintessence of a perfume is in its capacity to bring enjoyment. A moment of voluptuousness, a unique sensorial experience which translates by the smell of the fluid, as well as by just seeing the bottle and touching it.

The bottle,

In the shape of a chiseled glass grenade, this perfume is not hard to notice and reminds me of its feminine colleague “Flowerbomb”, an intense, floral and addictive perfume.

Without any plug, you have to remove the cotter pin with the logo of the company to perfume oneself. A unique gesture which reinforces this unique experience.

As for the fragrance,

Spicebomb mixes the freshness of grapefruit, bergamot and pink pepper as top notes. As middle notes, you notice the intensity of hot pepper combined with cinnamon leaf, before being surprised by the base notes, the incandescence of tobacco, vetiver and white leather. A dangerously spicy and explosive mix for a careful use.

The art of perfuming oneself.

An art that we enjoy every day, day or night, according to the seasons (or the humor). The perfume that we wear says a lot on our personality and also tells a story. With Spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf reinterpret the modern man in a way that matches his generation:the spornosexual. Because the Viktor & Rolf man has biceps and pectorals, he assumes himself. He loves going to the gym and working out. As a powerful and sensual man, he is also bold and isn’t easily scared. He is a rule-breaker!

Contributeur photos Jérémy Guetté

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