Some time ago, Facebook reposted on top of my newsfeed a picture from 2011, thanks to the “On this day” feature. On that picture, I was seated on the steps in Châtelet les Halles, close to the Fontaine des Innocents, with a friend of mine. Naively, I found out that a few years have passed since that picture was taken. That we changed, and especially our style. I also noted that my style, at that time, was more classic.

On that picture, I am wearing a blue and white check shirt, matched with a grey waistcoat and a black vest. I’m also wearing a black chino and a pair of Oxford shoes in the same colours.

I was already passionate about fashion, even though I didn’t dare to appropriate the trends myself. Thinking about it, I don’t know if it was about being scared of wrongdoings and risking a lot of fashion faux pas… Or if it was just that I didn’t want to change my style at that moment (didn’t have the money for anyway).

Anyway, it didn’t matter because at the end, the classical transition to other styles happened naturally and imperceptibly.

I believe that nobody should be forced to change. That kind of change should always come from a personal choice, no matter what the context is.

By the way, every time I am asked about advices for makeovers, I answer that I am not a stylist, and I don’t believe I have the required credentials for that type of challenge. On the other hand, nothing prevents me from giving my piece of mind and using my imagination and my experience to help.

The basis, for me, is classic. The advantage is that it is a synonym of sobriety and a guarantee of excellence. The sweet and neutral colours bring lightness and leave place for a few fancy touches. Moreover, the materials used for confection usually rhyme with quality, like a cashmere sweater that you can find at Peter Hahn.

Having classic pieces in our wardrobe, like a white shirt, raw jeans or a De Fursac leather belt, is now seen as high value.

Later on, when you desire to change your clothes because you feel saucy, you can for example wear your white shirt with dark blue slim pants and a pair of Stan Smith shoes. And don’t forget the leather vest for a rock and sexy look.

You probably guessed. Classic is to fashion what flour is to pastry: essential. Essential, because it can be worn with everything.

And what I like in fashion is the idea to have fun, and mix genres and universes to get a style. Because like I said in one of my articles, inspired by Coco Chanel’s famous quote: Fashion gets out of date, but never style.