Few weeks ago, the Nuit Blanche took over Paris to make us live a unique moment mixing Art, music and fashion.

But before that came the moment when we ask “what am i going to wear…”. At work, I told that I was probably going to wear something white, as that was like the derss code! My coworker Laurie laughed and said that that was not the idea of a ‘white night’. “So what? Is it a crime?” As I am a bit stubborn and I love white, I was certain that I am going to wear something white.

I do not have many white outfit….

I was horrified to discover in my closet that regardless of my love for white, the only apparels that I have and which is close to that color, are T-shirt to exercise rather than to go out. And among my bottoms, there was no white. #shocked

But then, what am I supposed to do !?

There was one week left prior the the D-day. The first idea that came up into my mind to ‘be white’ was to go to the shop and buy an apparel painting and to try to be a trainee designer in my bathroom. My second idea was to shop online, which is as funny as the first and less dirty (with painting… you’ll never know what might happen…).

Your look nails it!

When i attend events with friends and i have to dress up, I avoid to spend too much. For that, I mix the new and the old clothes in my closet rather than buy everything new. I find it too much and not impersonal, but you know what? I admit that sometimes, it is crucial if we want to have #STYLE! Like here where i have nothing white.

One of the best address for online shopping is Boohoo.com! I was able to find beautiful outfits which is in the spirit of ‘blanche’, like this textured cardigan, which is my favorite! And now, the pants family has a new baby, a knee-ripped jean which is a must for a rock touch!

That’s it, I am ready for the Nuit Blanche, what’s up first then?

Have a drink #OfCourse!

Total look Boohoo.com
Bracelets : Louis Vuitton, BVLGARI, Cartier
Montre : Huawei Watch
Smartphone : Huawei Mate S
Pochette : Louis Vuitton
Agenda : Le Tanneur 
Lieu Café Leffe :97 Avenue du Général Leclerc 92340 Bourg la Reine