If you don’t know the name Amandine Cros, it is because she is one of those women who work in the shadow but contributes greatly to sucess. I met her at the studios of Petit Journal on a sunny day, it is a well-known show as news are told with humor and mockery. It is also a place where shows like ‘Bref’ or ‘Catherine and Liliane’ become famous.

That day, the production team filmed ‘Catherine and Liliane’. In this show, Amandine is like the fairy tale Godmother, because she makes sure that all actors are wearing outfits that embellish the screen and to dazzle the eyes.

Let’s meet Amandine Gros.


Hello Amandine! Thank you for receiving me and for agreeing to an interview:) So, tell me a bit about yourself, your name, age. Where are you from and how long have you been in Paris?

Amandine Cros: I just turned 34 and I’ve been living in Paris since 20 years! And I am from Dunkerque, in the North.

So you are the designer of Alex Lutz? Yes, and Bruno Sanches also! Plus, Catherine and Liliane.

I think that there is a mix up today with the word stylist/designer. It has become ‘blurry’ words. How would you define your job? You are right to specify because finally I feel more of a costume designer than stylist. At least for Catherine and Liliane as I create characters through clothes, I tell a story through it. Stylist is a way different: like, I have to find an outfit for a party that suits you. It is not the same thing.

Costume designer is first ‘create a character’. So, I define myself as a Costume designer for Catherine and Liliane.

Et depuis combien de temps tu es leur costumière ? Ça fait maintenant 3 ans. Depuis que ça existe en fait !

How long have you been doing that? It’s been 3 years. Since it was born in fact! Ok, that’s so cool! And how did you end up here? tell me your journey! So… (big smile). In fact, I was a comedian for almost 10 years. And I stopped doing that as it did not suit me anymore. In addition, costume designer was the first occupation that I wanted, but somehow I said to myself “I prefer wearing clothes rather than find them or create them!”… I was so mistaken!

So, I was back to my first ideal. Alex Lutz and I are friends, he gave me a chance to begin and to step foot into it. For the rest, it was a learning-by-doing process: that is the best way! – “I totally agree with you!’

What do you like the most in this domain, as a costume designer? What i like the most is to invent, create characters with comedians! In addition, as a former comedian, I know the importance of a costume: it helps a lot! I have fun in participating to the process of creation! And i love apparels anyway so… (We laugh) it is a pleasure!

How does it go for Catherine and Liliane’s costumes? Or, inspirations for you stylistic choices. Is there a pattern that you define prior the filming to direct your choices? About that, we create figures for Catherine and Liliane. You know, for example, Catherine is more skimpy, she is more posh! and the choice of outfits is also done according to the morphology! Alex is thin (he wears women size 8) – “Oh, yeah?’- Yes, he is thin, so we emphasize his waist.

As for Bruno, he is thickset so we make him wear smooth materials, more flowing to even his shoulders! The same thing goes for Liliane’s personality, who is more imaginative, so we take into account the materials, the cuts, the colors… everything!

You sure like your job! But if today, you have the chance to change, will you see yourself doing something else? No, as of now, no!

You, who lives in Paris since 20 years, do you like it? Oh yes, I love living in Paris, green is missing a bit but i love it! (lol)- you are right-

What do you like in this city? Like, what do you do on your free time? I take care of my boy, I am a mother before anything else! -Oh, true, you are a mother 🙂

Tell me, are you one of those girls, whom we can call ‘webgirl’? I mean: do you spend time on the web? Yes! How long do you spend per day? No No, i am not a web addict, I am not much of a computer person! Internet and smartphone are not for me! I like living in Paris but I am a nature-lover. So, I would rather be outside, in the nature than be on my cellphone!

So, I suppose that you are not the social media type… Facebook, twitter, instagram! I know you are on Instagram! Yes, I am on Instagram, but it is mainly for Catherina and Liliane, to communicate about my job. Personally, Social media is not really my thing!

When you were on the filming of “Le talent de mes amis”, how did you balance your work and personal/mother life? What is your secret? It is a job that asks for all of me, it is not easy! For example, you cannot accept all interesting projects or proposals that are made to you. It is even scary because when you refuse, you tell yourself that may be you will not get a call back. but, if you want a family life, it is a choice you have to make. Being a mother is a priority for me. As of now, everything is going fine, hope it will continue that way. Also, we have to say that Catherine and Liliane are perfect for me, it is constant but it does not take forever to do it! Finally, when i can place some scenes, i do it.

How do you see yourself professionally in 5 years? I would love to be Costume designer manager on movie sets!

About Catherine and Liliane(I love them)! Can you tell more about the funny characters, tell me about their quality and shortcoming? Haha, so Liliane is positive. Her downside… “Aaah, this is so hard you know!”. Let’s say that Liliane, you see more of her qualities and for Catherine, it is the other way, you see her shortcomings(laugh)! So it is not easy, i would say that Liliane talks too much… Yep, she is too talkative!

Catherine’s shortcoming is that she is a bit snippy, loyalty is her quality

Thank you for giving your time to answer my questions. What to say aside from I had a delicious moment discussing with you Amandine and I am in heaven to be able to see the filming of Catherine and Liliane. Alex Lutz is just brilliant and Bruno Sanches has so much talent! I am sure of one thing, I will watch the show that ends Le Petit Journal from another perspective…more impressed and captivated than before. And i saw that nothing is left to chance. Every detail of each figure has been thought trough. As we all know, behind a great man (here, we have 2), there is a woman.