Spring-Summer 2016

Chanel, a long-awaited fashion show…Here’s why:

the interlaced C emblematic fashion House surprises us each season. A #PFW rendez-vous which blows us away by taking us to the Chanel supermarket, brewery then the Chanel protest or the arctic circle… And yesterday, we boarded the Chanel Airlines to fly to the summer-spring 2016.

Virtuoso Karl, a man of his time: always unexpected, pinoneer, visionary full of irony and good taste.

Cara is here, of course, the show is going beyond the limits of the mise-en-scene (thanks to the staging direction team). The item of clothing almost became secondary. Let’s talk about that!

We saw in that luxury airport(Paris-Cambon), models with quilted-wheeled luggages, pleated silk dress, aerial coat with refreshing and galactic colors.

In this collection- travel like – sports and street wears are dominating: waist-laced sweater or on the soulders with a back to front baseball hat (but always classy) and oversized glasses, which we would bring for skiing!

The timeless tweed suit was also restyled: pockets are gone, no buttons, embellishment free that gives a modern effect. Is is coupled with a boater and a handbag made with the same fabric for a total look. We will remember the way the midi skirt is worn: opened with a skinny pant inside and a big chain as a belt.

Attracted by this mix of styles and the scenography, Chanel, once again, won its bet: to dazzle us!