There are trends that we love to hate. First of all, because they seem to have a long-term existence even if they are appealing at the beginning; then, we cannot (or do not want) to always follow the move to the bone…

For me, that is the case for the ‘very’ masculine trend of spornosexual of fit-bod. The idea here for men is to have prominent muscles, six pack abs and all the panoplie of the summer IT boy to the point where they can be taken for actors in the Spartacus series.

But franckly, how can we follow the healthy food and sports daily-lifestyle? Delete all sort of foods and drinks when we go to the grocery shop or hang out with our friends? Me, who loves good things in life, like a good wine with a deli platter and cheese during happy hour; or go to my favorite italian restaurant during week days. I hardly see myself cutting those in order to be obsessed about ‘how many calories?’ or ‘it’s too fat’… Impossible!

When i eat, i really do eat ! I do not deprive myself. During weekdays, I just make sure of my meal size and quantity and I am careful about having balanced diet by choosing vegetables instead of carbs and water over soda. And when the days in which I want to eat fat are there, I allow myself to do so! The day afterwards, I just run few miles at Parc de Sceau or sweat like hell at the gym to stay in shape and burn calories so that everything is cool.

Since I am in that lifestyle, I feel good in my head and in my body, I am not frustrated to only eat a tablespoon of rice, half pound of turkey and steamed vegedables. Plus, I even lose weight with the help of my coach Hamza. With time, may be I would have a sculpted body, and why not a packed abs throught a flat belly… That is only an ideal, not a need! I want to live and enjoy life, as a certain ad says: ‘Bien manger, c’est le début du bonheur!’ – eating food that tastes good is the beginning of happiness!

So I say: why depriving ourselves from what please us? You just need to be careful of what you eat, allow yourself to lapse from time to time and practice sports!! Enjoy.