She should have been at the short film festival in Madagascar to defend her on official competition movie: ‘Her little peace of heaven’ in the fiction category. but isn’t the truth stranger than fiction?

At first, I thought that it was a joke.. a very bad one! To be honest, I was conviced that the news was fake, you know like those in the US regarding their stars: idiots announce their ‘death’ online and it goes viral after few hours! May be, I could not accept the truth! And then, I had to as a friend confirmed me the unthinkable… It was not a fiction anymore.
I am sad Ketaka, sad to know that i won’t see you anymore when I’ll be in Antananarivo. I am sad because we cannot toast together with friends and laugh about the future and its fates.
you were only 29 years old with all your life ahead. You had everything to succeed, a beautiful career predestined you! The cultural world and the cinema lost a dear friend this day because you were both an artist and a philosopher, a rising star.
From what I remember, you are someone who lives with passion, laugh until you lose your beath and cry with your heart. you knew what enjoying life means. In my eyes, you are one of the rarest person with extraordinary mind in a pomping and exhausted system… You teached me how to not care of what people may think of me! That it is not going to improve my life!
Anyway, I cannot understand it, you still have so much to do and so much to share…and you left..
My deepest condolences to the families and the close one. All my thoughts are with you, especially Nanté, her confident, best friend.