In Germany, the bretzel is sacred! That is obvious when you realize that it is here that this sort of baking soda poached brioche, interlaced arm-shaped with rough salt was born. So, it is easily found at a corner of each street(almost). There is no given time to eat it: it can be at breakfast with coffee or at the end of the day as a snack or as a meal sided by sausage and a pitcher of beer!

I knew it most of the time with a smaller size, like the factory made chips at the happy hour time. And it is the first time that I taste the arts and crafts one!
As a result, the taste has nothing to do with the factory made one, which is from my point of view, way too salty! And the arts and crafts bretzel sold by the small shops are really delicious, bigger and with more calories also. And it has a lot of flavor: cheese, almond, grains… The most famous is the butter bretzel. In addition, it is possible to make sandwich out of it and to season it the way we want it, like salad and ham or sweet.
In short, it was unthinkable to come to Germany and not try the ‘Laugenbrezel’ as they call it here!
Bon appétit !