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La Foire de Paris

On dit qu’en Avril, il ne faut pas se découvrir d’un fil… Mais peut-être qu’il faut désormais appliquer cet adage jusqu’en Mai ? Parce que dimanche, j’ai vu le mercure descendre jusqu’à 2 degrés…





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  • Hello! My name is Tefy Leo Rafalimanana and I am a Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger, lover of the Parisian 'Art de Vivre'. I am so delighted that I share my experiences and passion as a Malagasy re-born in Paris, with people all over the world thanks to this blog. But, how did I get here?I cannot believe that I arrived in France and set my feet in Paris for the first time only few years ago. I remember that I had so many dreams and a heart full of hope. I was so inspired and motivated to win the world over...in my own way. In college, I studied Art, specifically Cinema and Theatre Show. The literature, history and staging part have really gotten into me. At the same time, the fashion world has always fascinated me and I was told a bunch of times that I should share my good mood, 'coups de coeur' and experiences. So, I decided to create this blog. One thing leading to another, I met amazing people, some of them changed my life.In the heart of the city of lights, I discovered awesome places including unexpectedly exquisite spots that remind me of my trips. I have always dreamt of going to a fashion show, being everywhere during the fashion week, meeting the people that make it so elegant and beautiful: I had so many questions for them :). As my passion for fashion and lifestyle continuously grew, I chose to make a living of it. And, I am so happy to see that my blog flourishes step by step each day and share that with you guys. I will say over and over again that dreams are the fuel of my life, and i am deeply convinced that with effort and dedication, we can all live our dreams. Saint-Exupery said: 'Fais de ta vie un rêve, et de ton rêve une réalité'; literally 'Turn your life into a dream, and your dream into reality'.
    ». Un Malgache à Paris

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